Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Nature's Wonderland Railroad, 1966

All aboard the Disneyland Nature's Wonderland Railroad, circa 1966. This juicy vintage color shot shows the train pulling into Rainbow Ridge...or perhaps about to leave Rainbow Ridge. You pick.

An October 1967 view of the train crossing a trestle.

An April 1962 view of the train circling around Cascade Peak.

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Major Pepperidge said...

That trestle shot...!

Anonymous said...

A member of the Order of the Red Handkerchief thanks you for this post! KS

Matthew said...

Beautiful post today Dave! I especially like that small "Disney" detail found in the second shot, a fire water barrel. The action of Bear Country off to the train's right side, yet there on the left is a fire water barrel. So cool. Anonymous KS, was there actually an extinguisher in those barrels? Just wondering.

I also find it interesting that the engineer is not wearing a regular costume (red shirt, hat and jeans), instead we find this young man wearing, what appears to be a Mark Twain costume (sans coat). I wonder if he was giving someone a break or covering a shift and waiting to go to Wardrobe for a costume change.

Finally, both the first and third shot are loaded with detail, but it's that 3rd shot that impresses me. It is that side waterfall (to the left of the train). Another fine detail... not necessary, but greatly appreciated.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle