Monday, June 23, 2008

Disneyland August 1956: Color Restoration 5

The final post in my August 1956 is all about the Skyway. Image #1 shows the Tomorrowland Skyway Station, as well as the sign for the Autopia. My favorite part of the photo is the two dudes with the jaunty hats—how retro! Image #2 is back to the Phantom Boats, with the Mickey Mouse Club Circus Tent visible in the background. By this time, the Mouseketeers had left the tent and Professer Keller & his kitties had about a month to go. In the detail shot provided, you can also see the train at the Fantasyland Depot.

More jaunty hat action in this image, as well as a guest getting ready to pick her nose...shame on her! For signage and safety geeks, I have added a closeup of the Autopia warning sign:

At present day Disneyland, yesterday marked the 45th Anniversary of the Enchanted Tiki Room. Disney celebrated with a merchandise event that caused some devoted guests to wait over 4 hours in line for a chance to pick up some of the way cool collectibles that were available. The long wait was made shorter by conversing with Stuff From the Park’s Patrick & Carlene from Ape Pen Publishing. Patrick pointed out to me an unnoticed detail of the Omnibus. Both he and Carlene suggested I stand in front of the bus to get the best shot...while it was moving. People will do anything to get further up in the line.

Bob Gurr also showed up for the festivities, decked out in his Tiki Best.

Photo #2 shows the amazing artists Jody Daily & Kevin Kidney, the masterminds behind much of the 50th Anniversary collectibles that everyone swarmed to buy.

Naturally, after depleting my bank account for merchandise, I checked out the Tiki Room which provided a welcome air-conditioned respite from the heat.

See more vintage Skyway photos at my website.


Major Pepperidge said...

Man, you sure scored with that 1956 lot, some of the best stuff ever. MULTIPLE Phantom Boat images, wow! And that's a great view of the circus tent (love the train going by in the background). The Skyway Station, the girl picking her nose - - way to go, Dave!

You didn't tell us what Tiki Room stuff you got!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW, everything Major said! I love the angle on the first shot with the Autopia Sign and the Skyway, insanely sweet!!!

Cool Tiki Room shots too! Show us what you bought>>>>?

Hey, was the Tiki Room Anniversary today or yesterday, I find it listed both days???

Anonymous said...

Dave, you have a Nose Picking theme today! The fellow in the blue shirt under the Skyway sign appears to be doing a bit of Nose Mining himself.

Unknown said...

Great shots of the present, Dave!

(And awesome images from the past)

Were you able to pick up some of the Tiki collectibles for me, too? I only want two of each!

Daveland said...

Anonymous - I wanted to be fair in picture number one...with the angle, the guy could have been wiping off his mouth or something, however, he too may have been mining the field. As for the actual Tiki Room Anniversary date - I'll leave that kind of stuff to the librarian types like Progressland...I have photos dated June 19 with Walt in the Tiki Room listed as opening day, and I have also seen June 23 used; however, during the Tiki Show yesterday, the cast member announced June 22 as the actual anniversary date. As for what I bought...I got a pillow, the Tiki God Set Pt. 2, and am keeping my fingers crossed on the Fountain, which only had 48 out of the 500 delivered to the event. The rest were still in China.

Chris Jepsen said...


You've really outdone yourself these last couple posts! Wonderful stuff! That shot with the Phantom Boats, circus tent, and Fantasyland Station is probably the best illustration I've ever seen of just how much Disneyland has changed since the 1950s.

I was sorry about missing the Tiki Room event yesterday. I was hoping to pick up a couple of those mini-tikis. I wonder if there will be "leftovers" from the the event still for sale at the Disneyana shop this week? Does anyone know?

Jason Schultz said...

In 1963, June 19 was a Wednesday, June 22 a Saturday, and June 23 a Sunday. Disney A-Z gives June 23 as the opening date. Newspaper articles appeared in several papers on June 20, saying the Tiki Room had opened to the public on Wednesday. (So Dave, the photos of Walt dated June 19 are undoubtedly from that day.) Now, whether it actually opened on that day or the press assumed that it was open to the public (because it was open to the press), I don't know. I do not have any sources listing June 22 as the opening day. But it's better to hold an anniversary merchandise event on a Sunday than a Monday, right? ;)

The Viewliner Limited said...

Truly beautiful and historic pictures from the past. It is awesome to see Bob Gurr. He is truly one of my heroes... and he looks fantastic. It looks like you had a great time Dave. Not having a chance to be there...I am glad you went, this way I can enjoy it through your pictures. Much appreciated, Richard.

walterworld said...

Super stuff Dave---

One thing, and I'm not completely sure, but I think the shot with the nose picker and the Skyway and Yacht Bar may be reversed... Can you post it the other way if so? Or ask the question to the readers?

I've tried to reconcile the locations in my head but just can't work it out. Basically, the Yacht Bar seems like it should be facing toward the Skyway, not away from it...


Daveland said...

Walter - the signage reads the correct way in that shot, so it's not reversed.