Saturday, June 21, 2008

Disneyland August 1956: Color Restoration 3

Over in Tomorrowland, we get a glimpse of the Space Bar through the chain-link fence, but ever more importantly, how about those luscious attraction posters? Any one of these four would easily fetch a thousand or two today.

From the Skyway we have this great shot of the Astrojets and the TWA Moonliner/Rocket to the Moon attraction:

I close today’s post with a rare albeit blurry look into the inner sanctum of said attraction:

Come back tomorrow for even more photos of Tomorrowland, 1956!

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Major Pepperidge said...

Well, you know me, I'm a sucker for anything to do with the attraction posters!

Dave, you need to let people know that these are your own fabulous digital recreations of the posters and not just some images grabbed from the net! I'd love to know how you made them, but I suppose that would involve an Illustrator lesson, maybe not that interesting to the average viewer. Anyway, they look FANTASTIC.

CoxPilot said...

Great posters Dave. I printed little mini versions from you photos, and mounted them all in a multi matted frame, and they are beside my shadow box of Cox and Disney stuff.

Do I see some guys in the flight Circle? It looks like people are not looking at a show in there, so I bet they are just cleaning up.

Whow! I forgot how BAD the air was in those days. You can almost not see the power line towers in the parking lot.

Unknown said...

Great shots and great posters.

Really cool that you did those yourself!

We should contract you to make an Imaginerding ride poster!

jedblau said...

Maybe your best post ever. BTW...of those 4 posters, the Peter Pan would be the cheapest, followed by Tom Sawyer. Then Storybook Land and finally the VERY elusive three-stripe Frontierland (which would sell for $4k+ easily and probably more).

Thufer said...

this is all good stuff. thank you for the amazing posters and i agree.....good work! also, the seldom seen interior. jedblau is corect 'Maybe your best post ever.'

Tricia Rennea (sometimes Daisy) said...

Those posters are FABULOUS!!