Sunday, June 08, 2008

Spring 1975, Pt. 2

Here we are on Main Street, surrounded by 70’s "fashion." And yes, the quotes are intentional. Shot #1 shows the Flower Market on West Center Street. Hey - I recognize that brightly colored paper bag that Jean-Jacket-Girl is carrying! I used to have one as a kid that I kept as a is now decomposing somewhere in a landfill. Moving down a little further on Main Street, we have a great view of the Sunkist Citrus House; anybody for some fresh oj? And please don’t miss the romantic young couple on the left, promising to return to this very spot every year for the rest of their lives.

Amazon Belle (wherever he may be lurking these days) should enjoy this one of the Horse-Drawn Streetcar:

Here are two of the lovely old-fashioned girls with a modern sensibility at the Hallmark Shop:

See more vintage & current Main Street photos at my website.

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The Viewliner Limited said...

These are great Dave. The Sunkist shot is extra cool.

Major Pepperidge said...

Those are some nice Main Street images, especially that rare interior! Somehow they look like they were taken before the 70's, but then I remind myself that we're talking over 30 years ago!

Unknown said...

Main St shots always amaze me. There were so many more ads back in the "day."

Love the interior shot.

walterworld said...

Those Hallmark girls have the 'Disney Look'...