Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Mickey Mouse Club Circus, pt. 2

Finishing out reel 1 of the MMCC viewmaster set, we are still in Town Square with these 4 frames. Picture 1 is of the Red Cage, with Mouseketeers inside dressed as animals. For those of you afraid of clowns, please try to avoid photo #2 which showcases the tumblers.

Pic #3 is of a Ranchero and his seductive SeƱora.

Final shot for today is Jimmy Dodd, the ringmaster, and the rest of the famous Mouseketeers, including everyone’s favorite, Annette.

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Lainey Schallock said...

Thanks for your encouraging comments Dave! I'm still new to the blogosphere and encouragement is always appreciated. I'm thrilled that you've labored a little more to bring us part two! I'll keep checking in to see what's new. Thanks Dave!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I can usually deal with Clowns, but these little dudes are freaking me out! The photo just needs the red shinning twins to make it a true fright! Great scans of some early DL history, thanks Dave!


Anonymous said...

The large clown in the second picture is "Chucko the Birthday Clown", who had his own kid's TV show on local Los Angeles TV stations (KABC I think, but I could have the station wrong.) throughout the 50s and much of the 60s. Imagine a 1950s version of Krusty the Klown. I met Chucko at Supermarket appearances a few times.

Chucko was still alive as recently as an email exchange I had with him 6 years ago. Hopefully he lives on.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't fool me with Chucko. I'm just glad it wasn't Pennywise the Dancing Clown!