Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Mickey Mouse Club Circus, pt. 3

Today the photos are from Reel 2 of the Viewmaster Mickey Mouse Club Circus set, beginning with Mouseketeer Karen sitting on top of an elephant. #2 is the Swan Band Wagon pulled by a team of plumed white horses.

Pic #3 is shows the scantily clad harem beauties who travel by elephant train. Ha cha cha!

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Major Pepperidge said...

Considering that the MMC circus was only at the park for about a month, it's surprising that it had a Viewmaster packet devoted to it. The Viewliner was at the park for just over a year and I don't think it was ever featured on even a single photo.

Daveland said...

Walt loved circuses, and for a promotional item, things like that are cranked out initially; I am sure the deal was put through before the attendance numbers became a sad reality.

Anonymous said...

Look at Karen. Those "M" emblem mouse ear hats didn't last long, and I don't think she EVER looked that young on the show. This must have been shot in July 1955, before they knew the circus would bomb.

Poor Karen. A sad story, but her onging courage is inspiring. We who were kids then will always love her.