Friday, November 28, 2014

More Rita at Disneyland

Previously, I had posted a photo of actress Rita Hayworth at Disneyland with husband/singer Dick Haymes. Now my collection has two more shots from that very same July 25, 1955 visit. Here's the accompanying publicity blurb:

Singer Dick Haymes, who was notified July 25 that the government had abandoned its long legal fight to deport him, celebrates the occasion by taking his family for an outing to Disneyland near Anaheim, Cal. Left to right: Haymes, Rebecca Welles, Rita Hayworth, his actress wife, Yasmin Kahn and an unidentified nurse. Rebecca and Yasmin are daughters of Miss Hayworth.

A very sad quote came from the provocative mouth of this legendary beauty:

Men fell in love with Gilda, but they wake up with me.

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Married five times, they all ended in divorce; the Haymes marriage barely lasted two years.

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K. Martinez said...

And here I thought it was going to be Rita Tushingham. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Dave.