Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Original Frontierland Depot

Today we see the original Frontierland Depot, circa August 1960, before it was moved to make way for an expansion.

A previously posted shot from July 1960 showing the other side of the Depot, which now sits on the opposite side of the track and is inaccessible to guests.

A December 1962 image that shows the "new" Frontierland Depot, bathed in the glow of sunset.

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K. Martinez said...

Now I know why I don't remember the original Frontierland Station. It was removed before my first visit in 1963.

The December 1962 image is a beauty. You can see the depot from a distance without too many trees in the way, thus making it possible to appreciate its architectural design and presence in the area. Thanks, Dave.

JG said...

That little building is a gem. The detail and proportion is just spot-on.

I admire it from a distance, never having the courage to run across the tracks to see it close up.

I content myself with admiring the woodwork of the shelter that replaced it, which is also very fine.