Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Back Side of Chicken

This July 1968 image of Disneyland might seem unfamiliar to most. Using another shot from September 1969, it becomes obvious that we are looking at the outdoor seating area for the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant in Fantasyland.

This closeup view confirms it!

and this detailed view is just because I love seeing the Skull Rock Cove section of this area.

This March 1967 shot shows that this area was also a favorite area of cast members who might hang out here on their break.

I believe the beehive hairdo matches this interior shot from January 1968!

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K. Martinez said...

The image is definitely familiar to me. I loved dining at the Pirate Ship Restaurant. The tuna burger was edible and the atmosphere wonderful. Both this restaurant and the Welch's Grape Juice Bar were two of my favorite food establishments in Disneyland. Sadly for me, they were lost to the "new" Fantasyland. Thanks, Dave.

JG said...

Dave, thank you for a terrific detailed pic of a favorite spot. The unusual paving is clear to see.

This was an odd "pebble" paving with colored rocks, unlike anything else in the Park. There was a similar paving which is still in place, inside the Tiki Room enclosure, but the little stones were differently colored in each location.

I make it a point to visit that Tiki paving each trip, to be sure it's still in place. I'll be sad when it goes.

Sad to lose the Pirate Grotto, it was cool, quiet and secluded, even though it was in the center of everything. The replacement improvements just aren't as good. Disneyland is really lacking in these kinds of spots now.


K. Martinez said...

@JG - The lagoon also had the "lava" benches around it similar to those found at the Enchanted Tiki Garden today. So much of Disneyland is lost in time. Glad I experienced it.

JG said...

Oh yeah, the lava benches were the best spots. You could lean against the nice cool stone and feel Casey Jr. rumble by right behind you, unseen in the jungle.

Concealed in the shade, the waterfalls gurgling, Mom and Dad, a tunafish sandwich with a little sword in it, maybe a little apple tart, and not a care in the world, except what to ride on next.