Monday, June 20, 2016

Mystery Solved and The Bandstand

Today's image shows the traveling bandstand, which began its life in Town Square, moved to Central Plaza when the park opened, transitioned to Adventureland/Magnolia Park shortly thereafter, and eventually got booted out of the park. Today it resides at an Orange County nursery. Zooming in, it appears that the conductor is Vesey Walker.

The mystery of the date of the photo from the other day has been solved!

Thanks to fellow blogger David at Gorillas Don't Blog, we now have a matching image of a guidebook from 1958:

David even went the extra mile to flip and desaturate the image to show that it's a perfect match.

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Unknown said...

Nice shot, Dave. I'm pretty sure that Disney moved the bandstand around by looping a chain around one of the posts and hitching to the Omnibus for any relocating to be done.

And nice research, David! I love doing research myself and envy your feeling of, "Oh yeah. I got it!" when you finally find the right image.

Fifthrider said...

Internet sleuthing is on par with most intelligence agencies. Well done David.

I love that "Convenience map" as opposed to today's Inconvenience Map. That's neat to see that the Rivers of America shows the stream/pond in the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland, and Jungle Cruise shows the docking area behind Main Street.

Anonymous said...

Great collaborative research there, gentlemen. Thanks to both of you.

There is a lot of Terra Incognita on that Convenience Map.