Friday, December 21, 2012

Monsanto Hall of Chemistry

Yes, there was life before Star Tours! In its place the Monsanto Hall of Chemistry wowed guests for years. Zooming in, you can see just how "wowed" this young lady is by the wonders of science. In her hot little hand is a treasured Disneyland ticket book, showing tickets from A to D; the "E" ticket hadn't even been invented yet!

Moving to the right of the building, you can see this pretty little water feature that graced the outside of the building, circa August 1959:

Last night, through the generosity of my friend Stacy, I was able to attend this year's final Candlelight Performance (and sadly, most likely the last one on Main Street at Disneyland). John Stamos did an outstanding (and truly heartfelt) job.

Drew Tablak sang "Silent Night" like I have never heard it before; amazing.

What a special evening it was. More to come later from last night's performance. First I need sleep!

See more Monsanto Hall of Chemistry photos on my Hall of Chemistry web page.


K. Martinez said...

Last one on Main Street Disneyland? That is sad. Sounds like they're doing an upcharge after all.

Nice coverage of this beautiful tradition. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Are they cancelling the event? or moving to a location where they can charge extra? Like the Fantasyland amphitheater?

Thats too bad, but not unpredictable...


Daveland said...

It's not official, but the buzz is that they are moving it to DCA inside the Hyperion Theater.

Major Pepperidge said...

I had no idea that "Candlelight" was going to move to DCA... I'm sure it will be perfectly nice there, but it is sad to think that it won't be at Disneyland ever again.

Anonymous said...

Not another tradition going away! What a shame.