Wednesday, December 22, 2010

46 Years Ago Today: Nature's Wonderland & The Rose Bowl

“Rose Queen Dawn Baker and members of the Michigan football squad ride Disneyland's train past a coyote on top of balancing rock as the Rose Bowl teams were taken through the park here 12/22.”

The January 1, 1965 Rose Bowl game was the 51st Rose Bowl game. The Michigan Wolverines defeated the Oregon State Beavers by a score of 34-7.

See more Disneyland Nature's Wonderland photos at my main website.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nice! I have one or two color photos (somewhere) of a bunch of guys at the park, I believe it might be this same bunch of football players.

JG said...

That may have been the same year I attended the Rose parade. I remember that I froze my a** off sleeping on the was before kindergarten...bless mom and dad.

I have some of those pics, if you want.LMK


Daveland said...

JG - DEFINITELY! Would love to see those!