Monday, December 06, 2010

Snow White: An Enchanting Musical

This musical was held in the area of Fantasyland previously occupied by Videopolis. Other productions from the Fantasyland Theatre included Spirit of Pocahontas, Animazement, and Mickey’s Detective School. The show opened to mixed reviews and was put on hiatus for 2005, returning for its last season in 2006. Its final performance was Labor Day weekend 2006. In its place is the Princess Fantasy Faire, which crosses the line of crass commercialism for me. Still, the kiddies (and parents) seem to enjoy it, so be it. The Magic Mirror (actor Patrick Stewart) acts as the narrator to the story of Snow White, and was probably my favorite set piece of the amazing piece of set design and technical wizardry.

I caught this show about three times; I thought it was fantastic; the sets, the Magic Mirror...maybe not quite as impressive as Aladdin over at Disney California Adventure, but still a very fun and well done production. How could you go wrong with the music of Frank Churchill?

See more Disneyland Snow White: An Enchanted Musical photos at website.


TokyoMagic! said...

I liked the Snow White musical and The Spirit of Pocahontas, but I wouldn't mind now if they just removed the theater and developed the land all the way through to the old Festival of Fools area. There were supposed to be two new lands built in those spots back in the eighties. I remember being disappointed when I saw that Videopolis had been built there instead.

Major Pepperidge said...

Is the magic mirror an image on a screen, or is it a 3-D sculpture that moved?

Snow White Archive said...

Nice pics Dave.

The entire performance was captured on video in 4 parts by youtuber filmfreak11.

See his first segment (including some close-ups on the mirror) here:

Daveland said...

Major - The Mirror was a 3D sculpt, and the pieces (resembling shards of glass) moved when it was VERY cool.

Walter Tully said...

I have been incharge of our school play's production team. I'm happy to see photos of an actual music production of Snow White. We will be having our play at Denver, Colorado recreation centers. I haven't checked if it will be an indoor or outdoor, for our professor is not yet sure with the number of guests. Either way, it is nice that I can have a good way of how to turn Denver parks and recreation centers to a fictional stage.