Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Color Gems from the 1950's, Pt. 1

It's always a pleasant surprise when I realize that I have a batch of photos that I haven't published yet...especially as I begin to scrape the bottom of the barrel for new material!

Typical castle shot, but zooming in, it's fun to see the detail of the ice cream vendor (dressed like a White Wing) standing near the photo souvenir placard. When was the last time you got anything for 75¢ at Disneyland? Or anywhere else while we're at it?!?

The patchwork quilt is a fave part of Storybook Land for me; you can also see the Gazebo from Peter Pan Park near the boat.

This one is my favorite from today's bunch because the band sure looks like they are having fun. Great to see them integrating with the guests on the Teacup attraction. I wonder if Vesey joined in?

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Thufer said...

How heart warming to see members of the DL Band interacting on an attraction. What a wonderful memory both for them and guest.

Major Pepperidge said...

I like the white wing uniforms, but it IS a bit strange to find some food vendors dressed the same as the sanitation workers.

So was there a photographer usually standing near that "Photo Souvenir" sign? I had no idea that the park offered a service like this so long ago. Wonder if the photos came in a decorative souvenir envelope?

Connie Moreno said...

Oooooh, these were COOL!!

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of the castle. I never get tired of that view.

I notice that at some time in the past, the "threads" have been removed from the giant quilt. Why would they do that?

LOL, the band in the teacup...that's funny.


TokyoMagic! said...

Yep, very nice pics today, Dave! I rode Casey Jr. a couple weeks ago at night and the entire patchwork quilt was in the lights on it whatsoever. Maybe someone forgot to flip a switch or the timer for that section was off.

Chiana_Chat said...

Can you tell what the ice cream went for? 'Cause that's what I would have went for. Er the ice cream not its price...

Vesey was told to "stir it up" so he put 'em in the teacups... I say he was on the sideline, which was pretty much just that fence then, and led them in "playing" on the teacups (they have their instruments). I'm pretty sure actually; I seem to remember seeing footage showing it.

Anon: huh. Just temporary? Hope they didn't forget it's supposed to be a patchwork quilt. Or what a patchwork quilt is... ;)