Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Color Gems from the 1950's, Pt. 2

Ready to jump around today? The Chemical Wagon is taking another batch of guests from Town Square up to the Castle. Although I don't know the year on any of these, I do know that for this particular one it must be around July, thanks to the telltale patriotic bunting on the Main Street Train Station.

Over in Tomorrowland, the Clock of the World fights for attention with the eye-catching graphics of the Casa de Fritos poster on the right-hand side of this image. Once again, I totally dig those retro-martini-olive-looking light fixtures!

Over at the Old Mill on Tom Sawyer Island, those with eagle eyes will spot the Holidayland tent in the background (formerly the Mickey Mouse Club Circus Tent):

A closeup for those who DON'T have the eagle-eye:

For the last image, we'll ride off into the weekend on our own Disneyland Stagecoach. You can almost hear the horse's hooves pounding in this one.

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JG said...

Ha, I remember that Fritos poster.

Could almost walk into that Tomorrowland shot.

Thanks Dave.


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, all four of those are exceptional beauties. LOVE that shot of the Chemical Wagon, and the Tomorrowland photo with the Casa de Fritos poster is awesome. The poster is rare, and even photos showing one are scarce. That's a wonderful picture of the Stagecoach too!

Major Pepperidge said...

Well, I don't get why these pictures aren't getting more comments! Folks have gotten jaded after all the years of awesome stuff I guess. They're so good I'm going to leave a SECOND comment!

Daveland said...

Major - My stats are higher than ever; I just think people can't be bothered to leave anything to say anymore.

Connie Moreno said...

Hey, JG, wait for me!!! I love that photo of Tomorrowland. I can't stop looking at it!!!! Great group of pics today, Dave!