Saturday, August 31, 2013

Laboring Over Labor Day, Pt. 1

In honor of the next glorious three days known as "Labor Day," I will be doing a trilogy of posts featuring the laborers who have toiled so hard to create the Magic Kingdom known as "Disneyland." We begin on Main Street, U.S.A.; specifically Town Square, as the construction crew labors to finish by the July 17, 1955 deadline. Let's zoom in to see those workers:

A color shot of the still unfinished Main Street Train Station:

Putting in the tracks for the Horse-Drawn Streetcar:

Going further down the street and stopping near Center Street, looking back at the Train Station:

Zooming in for a closeup of the workers:

It always takes me aback a bit to see cars in these construction shots:

Turning around, we get a view from Town Square facing The Castle:

A closeup of the Cinema area, showing the lettering on the marquee:

The heart of Town Square...before it started beating!

A closeup of the workers:

Walking closer towards the Castle, we see lumber and a pickup truck outside of the Coke Corner:

A proud Walt strutting in front of the Castle; he must have been proud to be able see his idea come to fruition.

Many thanks to the unsung heroics of the laborers who made it all happen.

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1 comment:

K. Martinez said...

I love these! You must have the most extensive collection of Disneyland construction images. I don't think I've ever seen as much as I have in Daveland's Disneyland photo section.

In your close up of the Cinema area (9 of 13) I can see the Horse-Drawn Street Car vehicle covered up with a sheet/tarp.

The image of Walt in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle (13 of 13)is nice too! Nice set today! Thanks.