Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Main Street Train Station

The batch of faded slides that this image came from was undated; the 22,000,000 million guests on the sign puts it somewhere around 1960.

Every summer, the station gets draped with patriotic bunting, as seen in this July 1960 shot:

A closeup of the Kalamazoo Handcar:

Also from 1960, with Retlaw 1 on the tracks:

Two more from 1960:

The station has seen few changes over the years, other than some stylistic choices in the color scheme.

On the Town Square side of the station, June 1965 guests enter the building to board a train for The Grand Circle Tour:

Zooming in for a closer look at the ticket window, strollers, and 60's fashion:

These two guests from July 1959 are waiting patiently for the train to pull into the station:

The train finally arrives in this January 1959 photo, and patience is rewarded:

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K. Martinez said...

Love image 9 of 12 showing the entrance into the Station.

It would've been so cool if for the "Limited Time Magic" promotion they brought back the some form of Retlaw 1 (Main Street Passenger) and Retlaw 2 (Frontier Freight onto the tracks for guests to experience. Or did they have one and I missed it?

Darryl said...

Dave...I've always wondered why on opening day 1955, the "population" shows 5,000,000

Any ideas?

Daveland said...

Darryl - Other than wishful thinking, I have no idea why that particular number was picked.

K. - I would guess that although that would be very cool, that there would be too much financial cost and logistic issues for Disney to do that...without any return on investment.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the last photo has a magic glimpse of the parking lot.

I have to fill in for Thufer and praise the parking lot for him.

I miss Thufer.

Thanks for these fun pics, Dave. I may have boarded the train at this station only once or twice in all my years in the Park. For some reason, we just don't get on or off here. Next trip for sure...