Friday, August 09, 2013

Solitude on Sunset Boulevard

After my father passed away, I found myself "getting away" more on the weekends. The stress of my loss accompanied by the mess of settling his estate made me seek solitude and peace. Frequent trips to LA followed, and thanks to a handy hip hotel guide, I stumbled upon the Chateau Marmont. Its history of being an old Hollywood favorite made it very attractive to me, and its architecture was unlike anything else I had seen in Southern California.

Towering over Sunset Boulevard, its exterior exudes confidence and understated elegance.

Once you enter its private driveway, you feel as if you have entered another world.

The magical glow of neon transforms it at night:

Refurbished vintage light fixtures give The Chateau an air of romantic nostalgia:

The double doors to the bedroom add an extra layer of privacy:

Stationery and matches: some of the lovely touches that were formerly found at most hotels, but are now typically absent due to cost-cutting measures.

The designers at the Chateau have successfully mixed modern convenience with antique furnishings and classic customer service. The living room located off of the lobby is one of my favorite areas; perfect for a meal, a drink, or just relaxing and people watching.

My little puppy loved it, too.

Thank you Chateau Marmont for being an oasis in a very loud and hectic world.

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Anonymous said...

I've studied this place a little, on your recommendations. I'm going to stay here someday.

Lots of history. Thank you for the pics. Have a peaceful stay.


K. Martinez said...

You have a beautiful dog there and a he's got a great expression on his face.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this article. Thanks for sharing.