Saturday, August 24, 2013

Knott's Blowout: The 1960's

It's been awhile since I've posted any Knott's Berry Farm photos, so today's post will rectify that in a big way. First up is a batch of February 1964 images featuring the Calico Mine Train attraction (which opened in 1960) and the Calico Railroad (1952).

Two of the stagecoach attraction:

Transitioning into the next group of images, this shot is from one year later, March 1965:

The Mine Train attraction and the Calico Train are probably some of the more photographed areas of the park:

Old MacDonald's Farm. Can I get an "EE-I-EE-I-O"? In 1978, this area was replaced with Montezooma's Revenge.

Moving on to June 23, 1968, we see Boot Hill Cemetery, which is reminiscent of the cemetery behind Fort Wilderness at Disneyland:

Zooming in to see the Native American tableau in the background:

I get sick when I see this contemporary shot from 2010. This is not a good example of "new" and "old" co-habitating.

The Wagon Camp:

A Logging Wheel (just what every amusement park needs).

The Candy Parlour:

Ah, tranquility:

The Church of Reflections:

A view of the church from my 2010 visit:

A faithful re-creation of "The Jersey Lilly," which was Judge Roy Bean's Saloon in Langtry, Texas:

How it looked during my 2010 visit:

The Grist Mill:

The Sheriff poses with guests:

See more vintage & current Knott's Berry Farm photos on my Knott's web pages.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. It's been discussed to death online but what Cedar Fair did to Knott's during the first ten years of their ownership was fairly horrific, particularly with Silver Bullet (which is a perfectly fine coaster in and of itself). I was glad that the Church of Reflections was able to live on.

etickettotomorrowland said...
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etickettotomorrowland said...

Thank you Dave for the Perfect Birthday present! :o) Knott`s used to our family's gathering point once or twice a yr. I would go there on my Birthday (today 8/24) we would watch the camp show`s in a covered wagon. And ride my 4 favorite rides. Timber-mountain Log ride, Calico Mine train ride, the big train with train robbers and The Corkscrew. My brothers forced me to ride my 1st up-side down roller-coaster and the Corkscrew was it :o) I'm not fond of heights But I tolerated the Parachute jump. Knotts Beary tales was fun and when they changed it to Kingdom of the Dinosaurs was good too.after we were done with the rides, we would go to the Knotts Good-time theater and see whatever was playing there. Usually Snoopy on Ice. Then it was time for everyone's Favorite. Mrs. Knott`s Chicken dinner house. Ahh the good old days. I dont go there much anymore, Not since it`s been turned into a Ghetto, sorry to say Nobody needs to yell at there friend in line when its a quite ride. Knott`s Berry farm lost it`s touch when they sold it to Cedar Fair. Might as well call it six Flags Roller-coaster city. No more livery stable cars running along beach blvd, or chickens running wild or that old cemetery with the beating heart. It`s too bad it seem like Disneyland is heading in the same direction.OK I said my piece. Thank you for the Great photos.

K. Martinez said...

The Silver Bullet has definitely changed the feel of some of the Ghost Town area. It's so strange to look towards the Bottle House and see the brightly colored steel structure of Silver bullet rising behind it.

I do appreciate the fact that they are refurbishing old classics like Timber Mountain Log Ride and Calico Mine Ride though.

Nice update! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy following you. The Disneyland pictures of the family in 1956, remind me of my first visit in 1957 with my parents and brother, we had the best time. I also have memories of Knotts Berry Farm. My family attended church at the little church by the lake and went to Sunday School on the train and the Bird Cage Theater (1957-1960). My husband worked at Knotts from 1954-1976, a nice place to work. Both places, great memories. Thanks, Donna Maahs


Does anyone know what became of the original Berry Stand that was still on display in the park being used as a Berry Punch stand? I wonder if it has been saved?

Anonymous said...

@Mike Cozart, Tokyo Magic had some information on the old stand on his blog "Meet The World" some time back.

I don't recall what happened to it, but I remember the posting.

Chris Jepsen at "O.C. History Roundup" blog might know also.

Both of these blogs are listed here on Dave's blogroll.

Dave, this is a nice post, unusual scenes of old Knotts, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Knott's is one of my very favorite memories. The older Knott's. Was there about every other weekend growing up from age 5-17. Many great memories of being there with my Grandmother and Mom. One thing we didn't do much was take pictures, so I have none of Knott's or us at Knott's, which is sad since it was a big part of my life. Am thankful for the internet and for those who post photos so I can go down memory lane. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I regret not getting married at the Church of Reflections. I secretly wanted to grow up and become a can-can dancer at the saloon! Ha! Such fun.

Anonymous said...

My favorites.....1960's....carousel, stagecoach ride, little cars (felt like a grown up on the freeway), stagecoach camp area, sound of the train, boysenberry snow cones and a corn dog, church of reflections, the flamingos, peacocks and monkeys, costumes the employees wore, saloon, singing and dancing, all the different flavored candy sticks at the general store, getting in for free, a relaxing atmosphere, character of the old buildings, precious memories.