Thursday, August 08, 2013

1960's Tomorrowland: A Place On The Move

Anyone who has seen my photos knows that "The Wizard of Oz" played a major part in how I process my photos. The rich over-saturated palette of the 1939 Technicolor masterpiece often causes me to go a bit overboard when I work on my images in Lightroom and Photoshop. Despite that, I also have a passion for monochromatic photography, which can create just as many moods with the wide range of shadows that exist between the black and white. This group of post-1965 black and white images begins with the Astro-Jet attraction, which was located between the Submarine Voyage and the Moonliner.

Zooming in to shot #2, you can see The Space Bar, as well as a poster advertising The Sounds of Soul in the background.

In a "You Are There" moment, this young lass slowly travels towards The Matterhorn in a Skyway Bucket.

Looking the opposite way, she got a photo of the Tomorrowland Skyway Station.

I had to zoom in for a closeup of the Autopia Eagle. Because of the square shape of the Skyway Buckets, I knew that these photos were at least 1965; because the Astro Jets were still on the ground, I knew that the "New" Tomorrowland had not occurred yet, placing these photos in the 1965-66 range.

The bucket continues to propel forward, bringing it closer to the Matterhorn:

Last shot for today shows a stylish gal, posing in front of the Fantasyland Skyway Station:

After surviving a journey on the Skway, she looks like she could conquer the world.

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K. Martinez said...

More from your B&W collection. I love it! The Astro-jet and Skyway/Space Bar photos are great. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a Bond Girl in that last shot.

These are beautiful.


Mark said...

I always thought the Richfield eagle was cool! Love these old shots. Thanks, Dave!