Sunday, August 25, 2013

View From The Top

Guests have taken many photos of the mighty Matterhorn at Disneyland, but few have been able to shoot from the top of the mountain. Today's post shows a selection of photos from this vantage point during the 1960's. The first one is from the National Geographic article on Walt and the park, published in August 1963. The Motor Boat Cruise is visible in the background, weaving through the Autopia's layout.

In this Disney publicity image, the camera takes us over farther into Tomorrowland, with the Subs behind climbers "Hans and Otto."

Two black and white images from the same session:

This one shows the other side of the mountain, giving you a great overhead view of Fantasyland: The Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant, Alice in Wonderland dark ride, Storybook Land, The Teacups in their original location, and the Skyway buckets as they float through the Matterhorn.

Yesterday was a banner day at Daveland, as Willis celebrated his 2nd birthday:

I can assure you that there was nothing left on the plate by the time he was done.

See more vintage & current Matterhorn at Disneyland photos on my Matterhorn web pages.


K. Martinez said...

Cute bone-shaped cake!

Happy Birthday Willis!! It's always great so see you here at Daveland.

Cool top-of-the-mountain shots from the Matterhorn. I especially like the unusual view of Fantasyland.

MRaymond said...

I still have my dads dog-eared copy of the 1963 issue. When I found it in the early 70's I poured over every detail. I eventually found another copy and replaced my dads original one.

Someone on line, found a HD scanned version of the article from 1963 and posted it. Something else clogging my hard drive but it's worth it.

Happy Birthday, Willis, and many more.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Willis! Wishing you, with Winnie-the-Pooh, "Many Happy Returns of the Day".

@MRaymond: Here is a link for the Nat Geo article from the blog Vintage Disneyland Tickets. Big thanks to Tim for his hard work in scanning and posting this >>

I also read my parents copy over and over. I don't know what became of it. This digital copy has to be enough for me now.