Tuesday, August 13, 2013

50th Anniversary Treasures: Under Construction

The 50th Anniversary promo kit also included these images showing the park under construction. Walt proudly shows off the Peter Ellenshaw concept artwork for Disneyland. The next photo from my collection shows Ellenshaw working on it; it is interesting to go back and forth between the two to see what was added/removed.

The kit also included this aerial view, showing what Anaheim looked like BEFORE Disneyland came to town.

Main Street under construction:

The TWA Moonliner being put into place:

The Sleeping Beauty Castle behind scaffolding:

Zooming in, a spire is on the ground, waiting to be put on top:

The Opening Day ceremony, with Walt at the mic:

A few years later, Walt poses in front of a model of the Matterhorn:

The Matterhorn under construction:

I hope you enjoy these construction shots as much as I do!

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K. Martinez said...

All the B&W publicity shots of the park under construction are really cool. The TWA Moonliner being lifted into place is my favorite. Awesome post today. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Matterhorn pictures caught my eye. I don't think I have ever seen those. How strange that the rockwork proceeded from the top down, just the reverse of conventional high-rise construction.

Also loving the Castle pics, especially with the turret roof on the ground. These really look like sheet metal in the pictures, see how it sits askew, clearly all in one piece. The texturing is oddly flat too, like silkscreening or decals.

I wonder if these items have since been replaced with more modern replica materials?