Sunday, August 04, 2013

New Orleans Street and Casa de Fritos

This pre-1957 image shows an area of Frontierland known as New Orleans Street. When the park was first created, Walt didn't have the funding for New Orleans Square, but his love for the city was such that this little block of shops was designed to pay homage to it. The Moonliner peeks out of the background of this shot.

Zooming in, you can see the original location of Casa de Fritos, the Mexican restaurant that was a favorite for years at the park. Shortly after this photo was taken, it was moved to the location where Rancho del Zocalo now exists. On the right is the sign for Aunt Jemima's Pancake House:

The overall flavor and feel of the buildings remains, but the green space disappeared long ago to make way for the crowds of Fantasmic! along the Rivers of America:

See more vintage & current Disneyland New Orleans Street photos on my New Orleans Street web page.


Anonymous said...

Sad that the lawn is gone, a bit of green would be welcome here.

I like this part of Frontierland, but I rarely sit here. Weird how that is...


Janey said...

This is my favorite part of the park! I love how it bridges the gap between New Orleans Square and Fontierland - my two favorite lands! So I get to experience both!