Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sleepless on Sunset

Staying at the Chateau was my dog's first time to sleep someplace besides my house (which is now his house) or the boarding facility that he stays when I am out of town. Our initial night there was sleepless; every time he heard someone walking down the hall outside of the room, he would jump out of bed to investigate. Then it was back to bed, and up again with the next noise. Again. And again. And again.

So much for my tranquility.

The solution? A run up and down Runyon Canyon. Willis is an active dog and loves exercise and play, so I knew I would really have to wear him out.

The remnants of the old Outpost sign are still rusting away here.

I noticed the addition of a scarecrow, who seemed to be losing his guts:

Despite the hike up and down Runyon, I knew it would take much more to wear little Willis out. Once back to the Chateau, I cleaned up and took Willis for a LOOOOOOOOONG walk, beginning with a stroll through the Historic Harper Avenue Historic District.

So many interesting architectural details to capture. Here is The Harper House:

Vintage signage:

Cool weather vanes:

Romanesque Villas, Harper Avenue

Four Gables on Fountain Avenue:

The El Mirador Apartments appear to still be in limbo:

Cloned Bulldog statue by William Sweetlove on Santa Monica Boulevard:

And then we hit Beverly Hills.

Willis was happy to sit for a bit and get some water.

Willis posed in front of the Beverly Hills sign:

The Will Rogers Memorial Park:

Behind Willis, you can see the pink tower of the Beverly Hills Hotel:

Heading back on Sunset, we ran across one of the many decorative celebrity guitars that dotted the Boulevard:

Signage for The Viper Room:

Although I'd been on this route many times before, having Willis with me caused to see it from a different vantage point. As a photographer, this day was a treasure.

Back at the Chateau, Willis was ready for some dinner and then bed.

My plan worked. We both got a good night's sleep!

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K. Martinez said...

Willis made my whole day. What a sweet looking dog. What breed is he?

Thanks for posting.

Daveland said...

K. - He makes my day, too - thanks! He is part Chihuahua and a lot of other stuff, too - he was a rescue. His story was heartbreaking.