Friday, July 13, 2012

Trip Report Pt. 8: Club 33

For the dessert course of this Trip Report series, today's post covers the Club 33 portion. Whether it's the best restaurant at Disneyland or not, Club 33 will always have a special magic surrounding it because of the fact that Walt Disney had a hand in its creation. He passed away before its opening, but just like the attraction below, Pirates of the Caribbean, they both started out as ideas in his imagination.

The table settings are pure elegance, from the charger plates to the linens.

Our waiter was Robert, who had been at the restaurant for some 30 years, and even personally attended to Lillian Disney herself, who enjoyed coming in on Mother's Day. Sharp-eyed viewers will see Matt from Tours Departing Daily creating his magic in the background of this photo:

This light fixture in the Trophy room contains one of the microphones that was intended to signal to the staff the requests of diners at each table. An electronic Gladys Kravitz of sorts! Look to the center of this fixture to see it.

Wandering down the hallway, this was the first time I had noticed this beautiful print by Bill Thomas, an Academy Award nominated costume designer for Disney's "The Happiest Millionaire."

This phone booth was also used in "The Happiest Millionaire."

These two silhouettes designate the gender of the restrooms:

The views from the balconies are stupendous both day and night.

One of my friends pointed out this pitcher of iced tea, which I had never noticed before:

Beneath these umbrellas, guests have their portraits sketched:

A highlight of Sunday brunch at Club 33 is the opportunity to meet Mickey & Pluto. Matt & Michaela were much happier about this meeting than they look!

My coworker Amber's daughter had one of her "bucket list" items fulfilled by dining at Club 33. A photo opp with Mickey & Pluto was icing on the cake.

Hopefully this photo of a fellow blogger won't blow his witness protection cover.

Every now and then, even the photographer gets his photo taken.

Last but not least, a portrait of 2/3 of the talented group behind the amazing photographers from Tours Departing Daily.

Thanks to Walt for dreaming up Club 33, and thanks to the current gang at the Disney Company for upholding a fine tradition.

See more vintage and current Club 33 photos on my Club 33 web pages.


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I don't know how this ever slipped past me, but I had no idea there was a restaurant like this in Disneyland! I thought the Blue Bayou was their best food service. Now I have another reason to get on in there and try out Club 33!

Todd said...

Don't want to bursts your bubble there Robin's Egg Bleu...but that is easier said than done. That said, i understand they have opened up the wait list again to become a member. Be prepared to pay though.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Wilbur Clark's..."

I googled Wilbur Clark and Anaheim and found out that there was a hotel in the Disneyland area with his name. Check out

Daveland said...

Thanks for clearing up the Wilbur mystery!