Sunday, July 08, 2012

San Diego Santa Fe Train Station

I rarely drive to Disneyland anymore; taking the train is a lot less wear and tear on my car and my nerves. The older I get, the less I want to deal with traffic, and the train is a perfect way to see the scenery, take a nap, and help be a little more environmentally friendly. Besides, it also gives me time to shoot the beautiful Santa Fe Train Station in downtown San Diego!

This beauty has been restored, but still has enough grit and grime to make it still look authentic!

As a huge fan of vintage tile, the building is a dream come true for me!

A few interior tile detail views:

The interior is very impressive, with its expansive arched ceiling, light fixtures, and vintage signage.

Next time you travel, give the train a try!

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K. Martinez said...

Is the San Diego Santa Fe Station the starting point for trains north to Anaheim?

I took the train from Emeryville, CA to New York, NY in Summer 2001 and loved it. The only problem was that it was 8+ hours late in arriving. Same way on the reverse trip. It was a good thing my trip began at the starting point both ways.

If I wanted to go to Disneyland via train I'd have to board mid-point in San Jose or Salinas and probably be stuck waiting at the station for hours on end. Because of that I just do my 6-hour drive down to Disneyland, otherwise I'd love to take the train to Anaheim.

BTW, what a beautiul station!!

Daveland said...

I'm surprised about the trains being late; Amtrak is very timely from my experience. In fact, I've had to run my a#$ a few times to catch the train! Yes - I believe downtown SD is the starting point. Often I'll take it from Solana Beach because there is ample free parking and it's near work.

Anonymous said...

Took the trip from San Diego to Santa Ana a few months ago while visiting Southern California. Great station and great ride all the way up. Quick and on time.

Connie Moreno said...

OH OH OH MY!!! Talk about gorgeous! I have driven by that station so many time but never had the opportunity to stop. Now I need to go.

K. Martinez said...

I'd assume for starting points and local service it would be on time. That's why I asked you if San Diego was the starting point. Once you go beyond that and get into multi-day train travel the schedules becomes unreliable.

I rode coast to coast (3 days) and it fell behind each day. There were many times the train would sit still for up to several hours at a time. I was told it was because Amtrak doesn't own all the rails it travels on. When using rails owned by shipping companies it must give freight trains the right of way. This can tie up the passenger train for a while as it sits idle while waiting for the freight train to pass.

In addditon, some areas are single track zones and that can cause another delay when waiting for a train from the opposite direction to pass.

I'd be curious if others have had a similiar experience on multi-day trips.

Daveland said...

I was in high school the last time I took an overnight train trip; probably wouldn't do it again; therefore, I can't comment on the multi-day trips!

K. Martinez said...

I love train travel across the United States. It's relaxing and you meet a lot of interesting people. Not to mention the beautful scenery.

I've just learned to adjust my expectations on the reliabity of arriving time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave! I am Pianostar and I love your photos. I am extremely impressed on how committed you are to the job. I have a blog based on DL California and WDW Florida. I will also post some pictures I found of the internet as well. I am loving your photos! If for any reason you'd like to visit the blog, it is
I love the classic Disney shows too.
~Pianostar :)
P.S. My favorite selection of photos from DL are SWSA. :)

Unknown said...

I travel to Disneyland from the san diego area as well. What station do you get off at in Anaheim? It would be so much easier than dealing with parking once you get to the parks during the busy seasons! (or when a major new land or two opens, haha)


Daveland said...

Hi Pianostar - thanks for checking out my photos! I'll be sure to take some more of SWSA next time I visit the park!

Carleen - I get off at the Anaheim stop; it's a few miles from the park, which is an extra long walk or about a $15 cab ride. By the time you pay to park your car at a hotel, it all evens out!