Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frontierland Rarities, Pt. 2

Black Bart was the dastardly villain that inhabited Frontierland back in the early years. Here are some previously published photos of Sheriff Lucky arresting Bart...

As well as being involved in a shootout by Lafitte's anchor:

Later, I was able to upgrade my collection by coming across a negative that showed the same scene in much better detail.

A few more previously shown random shots of Bart, including one of him actually smiling:

Two more early shots of him hanging out by the Miniature Horse Corral, which eventually became the Shooting Gallery.

Sheriff Lucky on the right seems amused by Bart.

And I finally acquired a color shot of Bart. I wonder if this little boy was ever heard from again? The lady in the background seems to signing for someone to call for help!

Now, with the same batch as the Aunt J. photos, I have yet another color image of Bart, circa Winter 1956. You can see the Ace of Spades in his hat.

Characters like this make the park experience a lot more memorable; the return of some of these guys to Frontierland would surely liven it up.

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K. Martinez said...

These are so cool! I'd love to seen the return of characters like this to Frontierland.

Maverick said...

Bringing back the characters in any land would be awesome (much like they are doing in Buena Vista Street at DCA) but its simply too crowded these days.