Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Viewliner in Glorious Black and White

Today's post is short and definitely sweet, as this set of negatives provides an up-close view of the Monorail's short-lived predecessor, The Viewliner.

The same adorable little girls seen in the window of The Viewliner can also be seen on King Arthur's Carrousel. Truth be told, they look happier on The Viewliner!

See more vintage Viewliner photos on my Viewliner web page.


Major Pepperidge said...

Neat detail shot of the Viewliner. Those patterns of wear on the paint at the joint between the cars is probably significant to an engineer. But not to me!

Snow White Archive said...

Would have really enjoyed a ride on the Viewliner. Can't wait to get my time machine working.

K. Martinez said...

Glorious black and white! Love the King Arthur Carrousel image.

They were probably thrilled by the Viewliner. Wasn't it the fastest ride in the park at that time?

Daveland said...

For me, the most amazing thing about the Viewliner is that it was replaced in less than a year with an entirely new transportation mode, the Monorail. How many parks/companies would go to that expense after less than a year? A true testament to Walt's commitment to excellence.

Major: Definitely ditto!

SWA: Can I tag along when you get it working?

K.: Here are its specifications:

30 mph The Viewliner is traveling the equivalent of 120 mph in a full scale train. The Viewliner is capable of 60 mps or 240 mph full scale.

K. Martinez said...

Thanks for the Viewliner specs Dave!

The Viewliner Limited said...

Awesome Pic Dave. Can never get enough of the Viewliner.