Sunday, July 01, 2012

1970's Disneyland Classics

Just a small batch of late 1970's photos, beginning with a few views from Fantasyland. Thanks to Ben Myers of The Cast Member Nametag Museum for helping pinpoint the date of this batch by using the Tour Guide's nametage as a clue. Without detail-driven readers like Ben, I'd still be in the dark on this one.

Lots going on in shot #2; Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant, The Skyway, and Dumbo Flying Elephants. If you want to get technical, you can also count the Casey Jr. ticket booth at the far left.

How about that bouffant on the guest riding Dumbo?

I wonder if her hair moved at all? I doubt it.

On the edge of Tomorrowland, the entrance is wide open and inviting. The PeopleMover shows movement and the two silver buildings on each side look like entry gates. Today, that thoughtful design has been obliterated by the Astro Orbiter.

Bouffants and Strollers. Oh my...

This little boy is in hog heaven, with a gorgeous Tour Guide to show him the ropes. I believe puberty started for him shortly after this momentous occasion.

Well hello, Joan!

How the heck did she fit that hairdo through that short opening? Talk about magic!

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K. Martinez said...

Great batch of photos today! I love the hazy look on some of the images. I wonder if the mother in these photos saw the “Mind thy Bouffant” sign on the Swiss Family Tree house.

I guess when they designed Tomorrowland ‘98 they forgot the "weenie" design philosophy. The Astro Orbitor is just too imposing on the hub plaza. It really baffles the mind that those in charge thought this was good design.

Connie Moreno said...

Dave, these are great and so much fun! My sister used to wear a "wiglet" to get that same hairdo, LOL. WHERE were they that they were walking through at tiki themed door??? Also, second photo: the couple on the left - is she wearing a see through blouse? Scandalous! And the guy that is almost in the middle - where is that movie now??

Ben Myers said...

The photo of Joan the Tour Guide is not from the 1960's. Were it from that time, her nametag would be a thin oblong oval ash-grey in color, with a gold castle and white letters. The one she is wearing, a thin oblong oval with red letters and a black castle, was used from 1972 up till the spring of 1975, when it was replaced with the bicentennial "America On Parade nametag. So this picture can only be from somewhere from 1972 through May of 1975.

Daveland said...

Connie - The tiki looking door was over in the Indian Village.

Ben - Thanks for the assistance in helping to date this batch.

Ben Myers said...

Were all these photos taken by the same individual? Assuming that one person took the same photos of the lady in the striped shirt at the Indian village, as well as with Tour Guide Joan, there is only one time period that these pictures could have been taken. That would would be summer of 1971. The white oblong oval nametag must have been rolled out slightly earlier than I had suspected.

Daveland said...

Ben - I believe they are the same batch, but who knows. The seller listed them all as 1960's, so they obviously had no idea.

TokyoMagic! said...

Terrific photos! Yeah, I was going to say that these had to be pre-1972 since the Indian Village was still standing. Hey, some of the silver panels are missing in that second photo of the Tomorrowland entrance. I wonder why they were removed? Maybe the amoeboid fountain bowls were being converted to planters at this time?