Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trip Report Pt. 6, Luigi's and Mater's

Luigi's Flying Tires has the distinction of being the only part of the DCA revamp that has gotten consistently fair to poor press. I was reluctant to waste my time riding it based on what I heard, and preferred to spend my time taking photos instead. However, on this particular day, I was early enough that the lines weren't bad, so I figured I'd give Luigi's a try. I am so glad that I did!

Plenty to check out in the attraction queue; so much in fact that I meant to go back and shoot more details.

Unfortunately, that never happened. Something to put on the “to do” list for my next visit!

Like everything else in the DCA revamp, it would appear that every inch of this attraction was given careful thought, design, and meticulous attention.

Each gate has a different name:

Detailing on the tires:

From this area, you have a great view of the Tower of Terror, looming in the distance:

The landscaping helps set off the cold black of the tires:

The attraction itself was a lot of fun; floating around on the tires, using my body weight to steer, was a very cool sensation.

The beach balls were added to make up for those who can't quite get the hang of the tires; supposedly tossing a beach ball around is compensation for a tire that might be stuck in a corner.

For maximum fun on this attraction, I would suggest a large group of guests ride in different tires so that the "bumper car" effect and tossing of beach balls becomes more of a party, instead of attempting to float around individually. I don't quite understand why early guests were having a difficult time figuring out this attraction. Don't let the early detractors cause you to avoid Luigi's!

Mater's was also a lot more fun than I anticipated. Imagine the tea cups on steroids; that's my expert analysis of this attraction!

As the little Maters start to spin around the turntables, you'll be swung from side to side. It really is a cool sensation, even if it is a simple attraction aimed at the younger set.

The characters were out as well, including Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater.

I couldn't bring myself to photograph the dancing car parade. It just didn't seem worth the shutter clicks.

See more DCA Cars Land photos on my Cars Land web page.


Anonymous said...

Dig the kid checking his cell phone on the tire ride.

K. Martinez said...

I loved almost everything about Luigi's Flying Tires, from the queue area, to the background music and level of detail put into this attraction, but found the actual ride itself underwhelming. It was easy to operate the vehicle. It just didn't float my boat or should I say tire.

I do hope they keep it though. It's great to look at visually, provides variety in the park and seems to generate a lot of smiles on those that ride it. As they say, not everybody can like everything. Now I did enjoy Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree a lot.

Connie Moreno said...

On The Disneyland Gazette podcast, we were discussing how Mater's ride has become the sleeper hit. I am anxious to ride all of the attractions in Cars Land but most especially the flying tires. Since I am old enough to have enjoyed their inspiration, I am looking forward to the second generation of the Flying Saucers!

Daveland said...

Anonymous - I had a lady SLOWLY sauntering in front of me in the line queue, chatting loudly on her phone. When I said "excuse me" as I attempted to go around her, she gave me an evil glare, blocked me, and continued to gab out loud. This is why I avoid the parks when it's crowded. Stupidity and rudeness.

K. - Just curious if the floor of the ride was crowded when you were on it? I would think that would make a difference in how easy/funit is to float around.

Connie - Can't wait to hear your comparison!

K. Martinez said...

Dave, It was very crowded on the floor and sometimes others would block my momentum by crashing into my tire (by accident of course). I was also expecting more of an impact when colliding with another vehicle. Very tame. I suppose if I didn't wait 75 minutes like I did, I might have enjoyed it more. Other than that it's a beautiful ride. I hope they keep it.