Friday, June 05, 2009

Davy & George at the Frontierland Arcade

First, I truly want to thank all of those who took the time yesterday to drop a line about my 3 year anniversary. It is truly appreciated and one of the main reasons I really enjoy blogging; getting the feedback and positive comments really makes this a lot fun and a great educational process for me. Today will be a quick post though...but hopefully still enjoyable. I am posting 3 photos of the wax statues of Davy Crockett & George Russel that were located in the Frontierland Arcade. Guests were able to pose alongside these TV-Land favorites. Not bad either when it comes to resembling the real Fess Parker & Buddy Ebsen! The first photo from 1956 is from the collection of a Daveland reader, and it shows her mother, Shirley Sowder, who was a cast member.

The other shots show various children who are living every child’s dream from the 1950’s!

See more Disneyland Frontierland photos at my website.


Major Pepperidge said...

So great, especially the ones with the smiling kids and their rifles!

I wonder what ever happened to those waxwork figures?

TokyoMagic! said...

Are those the same wax figures that were displayed inside the Fort Wilderness "peek in" or were there two sets?

Daveland said...

Tokyo - Don't know for sure, but I am guessing that there was only one set and that it was moved to Fort Wilderness when it openedin 1956. Anyone out there know the answer to this?

Chiana said...

Shirley's surely a real good lookin' lady. Looks like she could be in '40's & '50s movies. Really. Great smile. Why I'd bet they were nervous the wax would melt. Thanks to the kind reader for sharing!

Real good wax figures too, they seldom look that good. As the other two show, the kids must have loved it too. That Davy Crockett was an adventure show that everyone enjoyed, young, old, boys and girls. They didn't make the show to fit marketing, they did the marketing to fit the show, and what a hit in both counts.

Chiana said...

Oh! I'd also like to say, it's heartwarming (any more I'd get heartburn!) to see the generous, profuse and enthusiastic raves here at Daveland and at Gorillas Don't Blog upon your recent anniversaries. Outpourings of appreciation seldom seen for any hobby/historic anything on the 'net. Great to see and well deserved.