Sunday, June 07, 2009

1950’s B&W Details: Dumbo

Everyone’s favorite elephant is shown here in its earliest incarnation, back when its ears could actually flap up and down. The closeup shot shows the mechanics of the ear, before it became a static molded piece.

A present-day comparison shot:

Just for good measure, here is a shot of the concept art for Dumbo. Did you know that originally the elephants were to be pin

k, to mirror the sequence from “Dumbo”?

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Katella Gate said...

Just from a casual glance, it looks like the new elephants use the same molds as the original.

As for the Pink Elephant concept, well, maybe not for the kids, but if Eisner was really serious about attracting the youth market...

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

They do look like they're from the same mold, or pretty darn close! I know about Pink Elephants (not that I've seen any in person, lately) but why did the Dumbo's become grey instead of pink?

Katella Gate said...

The problem is "pink elephants" involves drunken hallucinations. There would just be too many public relation problems with that concept in a Kiddie Park like Disneyland -- even in the Park's early years.

Today, absolutely impossible.

Heidi Ann said...

Yes! I did know about the pink elephants - I recently found an old McCall's magazine that had an article about Disneyland with concept art inside - you can imagine how excited I was when I found those pages as I looked through the magazine! I had never seen them before.