Saturday, June 20, 2009

1957 BW Duet

I really love getting a hold of vintage negatives; they give detail just not possible from a print. These two negatives from 1957 are still in good shape. The first one shows a Surrey heading to Central Plaza; Red Wagon Inn on the right, House of the Future ahead!

#2 is my fave; not only do we get a “you are there” Skyway perspective, but a nice overview of the Autopia and the Space Bar.

I have included a closeup of the Space Bar area:

Anaheim sure looks different in 1957! See more Disneyland photos at my website.


Thufer said...

those shots from the skyway are magical time machines. thanks

Chiana said...

> "Anaheim sure looks different in 1957!"

wow that's no kidding! Youwouldn't recognize it as such.

Neat too how nicely it gives that "mid century modern" vibe despite the well known challenges of budget & time.

Between the skyway's buckets and the space bar's styles and that pavement I keep feeling like I'd be pulling up in an autopia car, grabbing a snack while doing my laundry at the snack bar. :p Still it looks like a fun place.

Even so, Disneyland offer(s) plenty if that didn't work for ya. Right opposite would be the Flight Circle if a show's on. Then you could always make like the folks in the top pic, take a ride in a surrey (with the fringe on top? check) to the Red Wagon Inn. Why, it's a nice time just bein' there. Thanks as always for these glimpses of it, bringing us little bits of a nice time. :)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

At the bottom in the second photo, is that the dock for the Phantom Boats??? That shot is a beauty, I love the little house across the street!