Friday, June 19, 2009

Christmas 1959 in B&W & Celebration BBQ

Two shots from the Christmas season, circa 1959. I love seeing photos of the House of the Future with that huge bow around it. Who thought of that one? It is just too perfect! Keen eyes will also note the Thimble Drome banner in the Moonliner photo.

Recently on my last trip to the park, I tried the Celebration BBQ; I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Many of the chat boards ranted on about the price, lack of crowds, and other issues. I found it to be a very enjoyable experience. The wait staff was friendly, the food was EXCELLENT (loved the Red Velvet cupcake in a cone!), and the entertainment was great. I highly recommend it!

Red Velvet:


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CoxPilot said...

Well, these old eyes are not really that keen anymore, but I did notice. Great feel to the old B&W shots. Just as I remember it.

Katella Gate said...

That's right, Make me hungry! Like the food pictures over at Vintage D'land Tickets aren't bad enough!

Major Pepperidge said...

I remember seeing Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye in a show at the Golden Horseshoe, and thought it was cool that they even had "black and white" versions when they reenacted an episode of "Woody's Roundup".

Chiana said...

Dave, 2nd pic links to 1st pic.

Celebration BBQ setting/building looks great and so does the food - mmm! I gather you place the order at the pictured building/booth... Where's da kitchen?

Daveland said...

Chiana - I just tried all the photos and they seemed fine; not sure what happened for you. The initial little booth is just for check-in; the wait-staff takes your order at the table for beverage and choice of cupcake. The menu for main course(s) and sides is pretty much set. And delish!

Chiana said...

Thanks Dave. Guess it was a browser glitch cause I emptied the cache and it's fine now, I can see both pics. :) Ah ha I didn't know it was full table service too (or I failed to notice if I saw mention). I prefer table service myself. Tasted good as it looks eh? Mmm. :)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I always thought that ribbon around the House of the Future was a brilliant idea, just like the star on top of the Matterhorn.

Yummy looking grub, that red velvet cupcake is awesome! I'm glad to hear its all good, they sure did a nice job with the whole area back there.