Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Treasure Tone Images: Tomorrowland

Today, Treasure Tone takes you through Tomorrowland. Just to answer the question of why Treasure Tone colors seem much more durable than Panavue...most of that has to do with film stock. Those who collect slides know that the old Technicolor slides hold their color values much better than the film stocks produced after the 1960’s. Just a sad fact of life. The dyes used before the 1950’s were much more stable and have a longer shelf life. But back to the biz at is a great view of the Tomorrowland entrance, free of congestion. Anybody able to read the Clock of the World and decipher the date of this gem? On the right is the Monsanto Hall of Chemistry. Photo #2 shows the Hall at night. Once again, anyone able to decipher the date from this shot will be my new best least for today.

The feeling of the Astro Jets is captured perfectly here in this night shot. Hope none of you get dizzy from staring at this one!

Here’s a repeat of the nighttime Moonliner shot, complete with detail view:

One more day of Treasure Tone! See more Disneyland Tomorrowland photos at my website.


CoxPilot said...

Dave; Love these pictures. Especially the night shots. My best guess for the time frame of the would be around 1958. You can just make out a little of the flight circle behind the spinning rocket jets, and I don't see any gold thimble from the Cox Co. Also; I remember those two big palm trees (first pic) and I think they came after the jets. Anyway: the "feel" of the photos are just as I remember it.

Daveland said...

Thanks Lee - somehow I figured you'd be the one to answer my question!

Major Pepperidge said...

I will defer to CoxPilot (especially since I had no real clue!); I do have two Treasure Tone slides of Tomorrowland that show essentially the same scene, but obviously a year or two apart, so they produced 'em for a while anyway. I'm pretty sure there are some pre-skyway Tomorrowland slides too.

Chiana said...

These are great. Beautiful day shot and rare night shots with some artful work on the astros shot for good measure. Are these all from the same "batch"? Thanks for sharing 'em Dave :)

Daveland said...

Chiana - These are all from the same batch (purchased together), but I have found that not all the shots were taken at the same time...there is about a year to two year difference between some.