Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trip Report, Pt. 2

Today's trip report begins with a view of the construction over at the Carnation Café, which will apparently be serving Starbucks in the very near future. Java junkies who have suffered the "coffee" served at Disneyland for the last few decades should be rejoicing.

Spring has sprung at the park, as flowers were blooming beautifully all over.

I was fortunate enough to spend the entire day with the trio from Tours Departing Daily. If you have not visited their site, you have no idea what you are missing. Hands down, they have some of the most beautiful photos taken at Disneyland.

All day long, the four of us played photo geek with tripods and cameras and lenses; other than the Disneyland Railroad, we didn't ride one single attraction.

Still, we made time to eat. Lunch was at The Blue Bayou...

which afforded some great views of (what else?) the bayou.

Oh how I want these lamps!

Being with other photo geeks allowed me time to notice the details and take my time with shooting them.

Over at Nemo, the lagoon looked lovely, except...

many guests were confused by what they saw.

Zooming in, you can see the source of confusion. Are they real? Or are they fake?

Just to help clear things up, these are fake.

These are real.

The Matterhorn looms over the background, with most of the scaffolding removed now.

Come back for tomorrow for a night of swing dancing at the Carnation Plaza Gardens! Follow my Daveland updates on Twitter. See more vintage & current Disneyland photos on my Disneyland photo website.


thepicklebarrel said...

wow! those are some purty shots!

Major Pepperidge said...

Looks like you played around with that HDR technique! Great photos. I would gripe about the colors being used on the Carnation building, I know I would sound like a broken record...

Anonymous said...

We must have just missed you. I've got the same two birds on the rock with slide film!