Saturday, April 21, 2012

Screen Gem Saturdays: Daveland On Location!

When you have friends who visit and they want to see the tourist sites in Hollywood, skip the cheesy and tacky Hollywood Movie Star Home tours and instead, take a Hollywood Movie Tour with Dearly Departed Tours [update: Dearly Departed has “retired” and is now on YouTube]. Today's post will show some of the things you'll see, like the Alto Nido Apartments in photo #1. You might recognize this complex as William Holden's home in the movie "Sunset Boulevard."

"Grease" fans will delight when they see Frenchie's house and the window that Rizz climbed out of for her rendezvous with Kenickie:

Here was another new one for me; the Greek Theater in Griffith Park was the site of Conrad Birdie's Ed Sullivan Show appearance in "Bye Bye Birdie":

The recent FX series "American Horror Story" used this house for its main "character":

For "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?", this was the house that the Hudson Sisters "lived" in:

In this rehearsal shot, you can see that much of the house was recreated on a soundstage as well:

Recognize the Griswold home from "Vacation"? I can almost hear Clark's car still running in the driveway:

There was much more that the tour showed, which was a blast. These guys are funny and passionate about what they do. 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! See more Hollywood Movie Tour photos on my Hollywood Movie Tour web page.


TokyoMagic! said...

You ain't never gonna sell this house, Blanche.....and you ain't never gonna leave it EITHER!

Daveland said...

Well said, Chris! I hope they don't still have rats there!

TokyoMagic! said...

Only in the cellar!