Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TPE: All Aboard the Mark Twain, Pt. 2

Continuing our tour of the Rivers of America aboard the Mighty Mark Twain, the first sight we see is the Indian Village on our left:

To the right is Castle Rock on Tom Sawyer Island, a fantastic playground for young guests:

Fort Wilderness, circa August 1956:

Apparently there were a few tombstones along the shore, as can be seen when we zoom into the previous shot:

And here's my favorite part of the journey—getting to see the Burning Cabin!

It would appear that originally, this attraction had no "dead settler" sprawled out for guests to gawk at:

Plenty of friendly (we hope!) Indians along the shore:

And then we come to the Indian Settlement. This early photo shows the tents as being all white; somebody went a little crazy with the Clorox!

The little Brave on the canoe; now you see him...

now you don't...

He must be back from his bathroom break now.

It's creepy, and I dig it! The Indian Burial Ground:

Time to head back to shore...

You can see that the Columbia has been added to the mix as we zoom into this August 1958 photo; the special plank has been installed on the dock:

So ends our journey aboard the Twain. All of our friends are anxiously awaiting our arrival:

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