Friday, September 24, 2010

Vintage Pirates of the Caribbean

Here is a set of four vintage Pirates of the Caribbean attraction images from 1967. The famous Auctioneer is probably one of the most well-known characters in all of Disneyland. He is also one of the most advanced audio-animatronic figures whose smooth movements make him seem almost human. His looks have hardly changed at all over the years, which is surprising considering this attraction celebrated its 43rd anniversary back in March.

This particular scene has been victim to a number of politically correct inspired changes. Here you can see the original concept with a lusty pirate chasing the fair maiden.

Today, the tables have literally been turned, as the fair maiden is now armed with a broom and going after the thieving pirate with a vengeance.

The original gluttonous pirate in this vignette brandished the pink slip of a lass who was hiding her “assets” inside of a barrel.

This closeup shows the little lass, holding a “candle” in her hand as she watches the pirate slobbering over her underwear and pink shoe:

Today, the lass has been replaced by Jack Sparrow and her unmentionables turned into a treasure map. Surely you’ll see some irony in that!

1950’s pop idol Eddie Fisher has passed away at age 82. Here he is with Liz Taylor, enjoying a day at Disneyland with the kids.

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Oh Boy these are great. Thanks for the comparison shots. I'm especially disappointed about the "lass in a barrel" being replace by Depp, ugh!

GREAT VINTAGE Pirates post - thanks!

Connie Moreno said...

Great shots. I heard a rumor about a year ago that they were planning to restore Pirates back to it's original un-PC status. You know, pirates chasing women (and not for food). I for one think it should go back to how it was. It's ok to leave Captain Jack but let's be serious here - pirates didn't chase women for food!

Major Pepperidge said...

I'm one of those dinosaurs who feels that the changes to Pirates were stupid. Yes, pirates did things that weren't nice. Surprise! And I like Johnny Depp just fine, but adding a likeness of a real person completely takes me out of the fantasy. "Hey, that really looks like Johnny Depp!".

JG said...

IIRC, the figure of the auctioneer is the same character as the ship captain commanding the bombardment through which we sail in the beginning of the "real life" segment.

Changing the ship captain to the movie character changes the continuity of the narrative and makes the auctioneer an "orphan" character.

Of all the changes to Disneyland since my distant youth, I have to hate the changes to the Pirates the most. Thoroughly, deeply, profoundly.

This was everyone's favorite ride. GrandDad only made one trip to Disneyland, and PTC was the only thing he ever talked about afterwards. All the changes did was to mess it up.

In my opinion, the movie would have been better if it were more like the ride, not the other way around.

Also, I wish for those offended by the pirate's original humor to face the same fate as the attorney's who destroyed Tom Sawyers Island and be hurled from the plaster pinnacles into the green, green water.

D@mn them.


~j said...

completely agree with the other comments. I hate the Disney bowed to that women's organization who think they represent the modern woman. The ride was accurate as originally it's just a place to cool off on a hot day.

Connie Moreno said...

"Also, I wish for those offended by the pirate's original humor to face the same fate as the attorney's who destroyed Tom Sawyers Island and be hurled from the plaster pinnacles into the green, green water."

LOL, I love it!!! Right on!

Chiana_Chat said...

The whole Pirates of the Caribbean franchise only exists because of the ride's strong (and obviously continued) validity. Which should be respected; it shouldn't be made to reflect what it spawned, they reflect it.

From a purely objective standpoint, if I didn't consider motives, I can see the woman with the broom chasing the thieving pirate; there is something about it which strikes me as amusing. Maybe just that it is an inversion of expectations with some emotional plausibility ("ha! Go girl!"). That is somewhat akin to Marc Davis with the Rhino bit in Jungle Cruise. It doesn't help the ride but I don't think it's a big minus since other impacts of the pirates may be seen all around.

But replacing the woman in the barrel with Depp as Sparrow is replacing a concept which really belongs and added to the ride with something peripheral, very much an in-joke. If we're adding Sparrow I'd rather it was in a true addition, something new, and the original scene there restored.