Monday, September 13, 2010

Disneyland 48 years ago, August 1962: Pt. 2

Welcome back to 1962; this time we are looking at the other side of the Matterhorn, aka Tomorrowland. On the upper left you can see the Richfield Autopia Eagle and off to the right you’ll see the loading queue for the Motor Boat Cruise.

Things sure look busy in Tomorrowland; the guests are a swarming! With Rocket to the Moon, The Submarine Voyage, The Flight Circle, and all other kinds of crazy attractions they just don’t know what to see first.

Speaking of The Flight Circle, when you zoom into this shot you can see the Thimble Drome sign:

The gray subs are only about 3 years old, still taking a ton o’ guests into a fantastic journey through liquid space.

The Skyway still features my favorite retro-round buckets:

Sylvia looks like she might be complaining about a little back pain from her Submarine Voyage; must have been too cramped for her down below!

Come back tomorrow for more 1962 Disneyland fun. View more Disneyland Tomorrowland photos at my main website.


Connie Moreno said...


Anonymous said...

Great photos!! Happy Monday to you!

Thufer said...

Oh yes; back when the world was correct! Submarines were GRAY and the attraction cast members wore uniforms of service. Walt knew.

stu29573 said...

Oops! I left this on yesterday's post by accident. So:

This is great timing on this series, Dave, because today I am 48 years old! How cool!Thanks for the birthday present

JG said...

Very nice, thank you.


SuzyA said...

I've loved seeing all these pictures! I miss the original Disneyland marquee sign on Harbor Blvd. The parking lot and having to write down which section we parked in. The approach to the ticket booths and seeing the monorail...and then hearing main street train station train whistle...and just being soooo excited! I know things have had to change to keep up with the times...I guess :-(. I'm just so glad that many of us here got to experience the magic of the early years.