Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Polyester Magic: February 1971 at Disneyland, Pt. 4

Last one for the Polyester Era (for now, at least!). Today begins with a shot of the Frontierland gate. When the rope drop occurs, this land typically has the lowest amount of guests attempting to enter. Most likely it is because there are no attractions smack-dab on the other side of its gate. Adventureland has the Tiki Room; Fantasyland has Peter Pan and Snow White; Tomorrowland has the Astro Orbiters. So guess which gate I enjoy going through most? That’s right—Frontierland! Nothing like an unencumbered entrance to allow you to get your bearings and soak up the theming before going on an attraction.

Our 1971 photographer boarded one of the Rivers of America vehicles and got a shot of my favorite gory mess: The dead settler at the Burning Cabin.

Readers who are faint of heart should avoid this grizzly closeup!

Speaking of creepy...here’s the Indian Burial Ground that is no longer on display along the banks of the river:

Just a few steps over from Frontierland is New Orleans Square, with The Haunted Mansion serving as a focal point. Do I see an other-worldly orb in this photo, or just a blue speck of dust. I’ll let you, the informed reader, decide.

Apparently, Fantasyland got the shaft from this photographer, as there are only 2 images; shot #1 is of Merlin’s Magic Shop:

And the Chicken of the Sea Pirate shop, decorated with a distinctively 1970’s typestyle:

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TokyoMagic! said...

I forgot about that Indian burial ground with the wrapped body laid out in the open. Yep, creepy....especially when you're a kid.

Thufer said...

I miss the Pendelton store. It was always a really neat store to browse through and always had the most unique smells on a rainy day.

Major Pepperidge said...

The "dead settler" somehow looks especially realistic here!

Katella Gate said...

@Thufer:I'm glad I'm not the only one that misses the Pendelton store. Especially when I did all of my shopping for Pendeltons at Disneyland.

Momma Nic said...

I can still smell the overwhelming smell of tuna fish every time I see the Chicken of the Sea boat.

Chiana_Chat said...

Well deserved mention, Dave. :)

Oy not even the deep dark of shade can obscure the horror that is the man's 70s necktie in the Frontierland pic, so much better suited is it the a hazard warning tape at a construction site than anything resembling a suit of clothes. But that, that's nothing: we can just see a glimpse of the horror we're spared thanks to the man in the gray suit nobly sacrificing his dignity to walk with that person draped in a bad tablecloth to and spare us the full sight. But that's not all. There's some horror heading into the Haunted Mansion. Yes the representative of The Ministry of Funny Walks in the badly cut mustard suit with olive green sleeves. But also the lady who's a stereotype of a lady who shops at Goodwill. Two, actually, one looks nicer than the other (in truth there's nothing wrong with Goodwill or shopping there, I just refer to the cultural stereotype).

The park though, looks super. That really is an especially convincing iteration of that great grizzly scene and a nice pic of that creepy one, both of which I'd prefer were still there to impart some sense of the deeper, darker side of the Frontier in Frontierland (the 50s, 60s and 70s were good with that yet the supposedly so cynical, dark-violent entertainment-loving people of recent times are too squeamish and uptight!?).

Boy, even that dazzling rainbow shopping bag is upstaged laying on that bench in front of Merlin's. Look at that bench. It's square relations are sitting in sober green nearby while it sports a crazy psychedelic job of bubble gum pinks, 'nanna yellows, a little tomato red and sky blues. hehe and you're so right about the Captian Hook's titling.

Still, beautiful day at the park in nice times, looks like.