Monday, September 27, 2010

Bob W’s family goes to Disneyland, August 27, 1956, Pt. 2

More photos today from Bob Weaver’s family visit to Disneyland on August 27, 1956. The Tomorrowland of 1956 was ablaze with color and fanciful shapes. It must be lunchtime, as The Space Bar seems to have a line of hungry guests waiting for some vittles.

The original TWA Moonliner was too tall to fit into the frame of this vintage slide:

The end of a thrilling trip around Tomorrowland in the Astrojets...and this little girl is still not letting go of her ticket book—she must have had a premonition of its value on ebay in the future!

Over in Frontierland, The Indian Village (the real one, not the fake one!) is a beehive of guests, anxious to see the Ceremonial Dancing as well as learning a little bit about the Indian culture.

LOVE this shot of the little girl waving from the top of Fort Wilderness. I hope she has that rifle aimed at those pesky legal peeps that try so hard to protect us from ourselves!

Over on the Mine Train, the narrator prepares the guests for another thrilling adventure through the Wild Wild West:

So ends our 1956 journey, courtesy of Bob Weaver’s collection. Many thanks for his gracious sharing of these images. View more Disneyland photos at my main website.


Bob Weaver said...

The early Tomorrowland interests me a lot because there is almost nothing left of it today. Autopia is the only thing that I can think of... all the other attractions, shops and restaurants that were in Tomorrowland in 1956 are gone now. It's like a lost land.

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Katella Gate said...

Many thanks to Bob W. for sharing this great pictures. Everybody has family pictures from Disneyland, but not all are so interesting to look at.

Major Pepperidge said...

Boy, these are great. Look at that first shot, such a beauty.

Snow White Archive said...

Thanks Bob for sharing your pics with Dave.

I agree with Katella above...not everyone's photos are that interesting to view, but I think your pics did a wonderful job of capturing the Disneyland excitement that all the kids were experiencing.

Bob Weaver said...

Thanks and I'm glad you enjoy them. Just to clarify, my late father, Robert Weaver, took these photos and dutifully labeled the slides with the date and mostly-accurate locations (he wrote "Snow White Ride" on the Peter Pan slides and "Aero Jet" instead of "Astro Jets"). But he's the one that deserves the credit for these, and also Dave DeCaro for cleaning them up dramatically. I wasn't born until 4 years after these photos were taken and my first visit wasn't until 1964 - I'm the Johnny-come-lately.

Connie Moreno said...

What I love about these is feeling the excitement the kids feel!

JG said...

Thanks Bob! Great pictures.

Best regards.