Monday, October 14, 2013

Storybook Land: My How You've Grown!

I love taking comparison shots; typically the biggest changes can be seen in the growth of the landscaping. Other times, it may be as simple as a paint color. In this particular "then vs. now" shot, the August 1962 image also has one major difference: the Skyway. There are two things I miss about Disneyland that no longer exist because it is gone. The first thing I miss is the magical transportation system that it provided for guests to get from one end of Fantasyland over to Tomorrowland. Currently, no transportation exists that allows guests to cut across the park; the Disneyland Railroad provides guests with a means around the park but no through it. The other thing that I miss (obviously) is that it allowed for beautiful overhead shots of the park.

One thing that hasn't changed is the intelligent planning that allowed the mountains behind Gepetto's Village in Storybook Land to blend seamlessly with the majestic Matterhorn.

Mole End/Ratty's House provides the next opportunity for today's then vs. now comparison. In this December 1961, a child's head almost blocks it from view. We know who lives here because of the mail box:

In this undated shot, it appears to be in very bad shape, and was most likely taken during a refurbishment, as all of the water is drained from the canal:

A July 1974 photo in my collection shows the tree stump to have been altered as well as the color scheme:

My February 2007 shot shows a change of location for this structure as well as Imagineers adding the name "Mole End" on the front of the house while brightening up the color scheme. The house was also raised to a higher level and now includes a set of steps down to the water. Apparently Ratty doesn't get letters delivered anymore; the mail box is no longer visible. The result of government cutbacks, perhaps?

A different angle and more recent photo that I shot this February:

What then and now photos would you like to see the most?

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K. Martinez said...

The first image is a beauty. I like the refurbishment image with the dilapidated home too.

I've gotten over just about every change that has happened to Disneyland with the exception of the Skyway removal. It filled the skies above Tomorrowland and Fantasyland with moving color and kinetic energy.

While riding the Skyway from the Fantasyland side, I remember looking down below and watching the caterpillars traversing their leafy paths while nearby the tea cups of the Mad Tea Party whirled and twirled. If timed right one could catch a glimpse of the Monorail gliding by below along the parade route. Then there was the thrill of watching guest-filled bobsleds careening down the outside curve just below our bucket as we entered the shriek-filled Matterhorn on our way to Tomorrowland. Oh, how I miss the Skyway.

Nice set today. Thanks, Dave!