Monday, October 28, 2013

Pack Mules at Disneyland

Although I'm not sure I'd get on one if I could, there's something about the Pack Mule attraction at Disneyland that makes me wish it was still there. Whenever I see vintage images become available of it, I am typically a sucker to buy them.

Maybe it's the unpredictability of having your fun rely on an animal; the fact that the experience isn't quite perfect and might actually go a little awry at any minute.

Because of the amount of visitors, liability, and a general expectation of perfection, the Pack Mules would be a hard sell for today's Disneyland.

See more vintage Disneyland Pack Mule photos on my Pack Mule web page.


K. Martinez said...

It's hard to believe the Pack Mules have now been gone for 40 years. I remember riding the Pack Mules, but those memories seem to fade more and more.

MRaymonx said...

My dad says I rode the mules but I don't remember it. But I remember riding the mine train. The brain is strange. Great memories as always.

JG said...

Riders would now have to wear helmets, as I have seen at several "dude ranches" recently.

Ruins the atmosphere. I don't mind a helmet on a bike, but in my experience, you really have to try to fall or be thrown from a well-trained horse.


beachgal said...

I thought the packmules were lame in the 1950's and only went on them once or twice. They were slow and did not 'do' anything was my impression. But then I had a horse stabled up in Rolling Hills as well (we lived in the So. Bay area). As I recall the mules would go around a couple of the ride areas and seem to recall.