Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dumbo The Flying Elephant: Picking A Winner

Apparently, poor manners are not something that the modern-day guest at Disneyland holds the franchise on. Even back in 1958 (September 3rd to be exact), a guest is caught "picking a winner" near the Dumbo Flying Elephant attraction in Fantasyland.

Moving on to more pleasant things, also from 1958 comes this sparkling image showing the Dumbo attraction and the Ticket Booth:

For our first zoom-in, you can see Timothy Q. Mouse on top of the mirror ball.

Timothy is still there today, although the mirror ball has been replaced with a much less exciting striped balloon basket:

Timothy in motion:

Back to the 1958 image with a close-up of the Ticket Booth itself:

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1 comment:

K. Martinez said...

I'd imagine that for every guest "picking a winner" out in the open daylight, there's another guest "picking a winner" in the darkness of a Fantasyland dark ride. God knows where those end up. Yuuuck!!!

As beautiful and technically superior New Fantasyland is compared to the original, it's the original Fantasyland that resides in the memories of the time I spent at Disneyland in my youth. The Dumbo ticket booth and Timothy's mirrored ball spark those memories.

Thanks, Dave.