Friday, October 04, 2013

Rock Goes Shopping

These two images from 1956 show matinee idol Rock Hudson shopping for clothes in Palm Springs. I'm not sure that the salesman has done a great job of selling this pair of checkered shorts to Rock.

One thing he DID sell to Rock was an athletic supporter. Apparently Rock wore a medium.

Don't you just love the details you can get from a negative?

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Pegleg Pete said...

That detail is indeed brilliant! Given Rock's physique, I would have expected him to wear a large rather than a medium jock, though. Perhaps he liked it to fit snugly during his "athletic" endeavours?

K. Martinez said...

Absolutely love it! The truth is in the details. You do have some amazing photos from the old Hollywood era. It would be cool if you came across some photos of Rock Hudson's pool parties. I think I posted links of videos of his parties here before which I thought were interesting.

I like him best in his trilogy of Douglas Sirk films; Magnificent Obsession, Written on the Wind and All that Heaven Allows.

Thanks for the dose of old Hollywood, one of my favorite side subjects on your blog.