Thursday, July 21, 2011

Traveling Thursdays: Creativity in Coronado

Coronado is well known as the filming location for the 1959 Marilyn Monroe classic, "Some Like It Hot." Besides the famous hotel though, there is much to see. Our office took a creative day out of the office to snoop around Coronado and soak up some of the local charm.

This Victorian beauty is looking very good for its age (still thriving after 120+ years!):

Nothing like San Diego's most beautiful beach to spark a little creative brainstorming:

The History Museum in Coronado may be small, but it is extremely well done:

A few detailed shots around the area:

How about this for a happy before and after duo?

Just in case you lose your bearings, you can always check out the terrazzo tile in Coronado:

Tent City Restaurant is a new Daveland fave; the office loved it!

Where did the name come from? Tent City opened in Coronado in June 1900 and was a makeshift city near the Hotel Del Coronado. It attracted tourists wishing to save on the higher cost of the hotel and yet still enjoy all the amenities. The invention of the automobile and the growing popularity of driving to the developed beaches along Mission Bay began the demise of Coronado's Tent City, which offically closed in 1939.

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Connie Moreno said...

I love Coronado!! I love the Dell! How very, very cool!!!