Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship & Guidebook, Pt. 3

The bathroom of the future...this is what I came to Disneyland for? Hey, Walt had space to fill, and Crane was there to answer the call.

Zooming in, we see another special area of Tomorrowland: The Flight Circle. Cox Pilot - see anything worth commenting on?

Zooming in again to the heart of the action at the Flight Circle:

It seems funny today that anyone in Southern California would find amusement driving a miniature car on a miniature freeway, but Walt knew it would be a hit. Such a hit that the Autopia is the only attraction in Tomorrowland that has been open since day 1.

Moving on to Fantasyland, the heart of Disneyland and the main reason that children run from the entrance to the Castle when they arrive.

Rarely do you get to see the happy expression on Casey Jr, the Circus Train. Sure is adorable, huh?

I love this color version of the Storybook Land map featured on this page:

Naturally, I had to zoom in:

Here's a complete black and white version:

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Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha - Crane bathroom - ...."answer the call". I get it!

Love the photo of Tomorrowland, apparently taken from the roof of one of the main buildings.

JG said...

Tomorrowland looks hot, as in sun-baked.

The Story Book Land map is wonderful, I have never seen this.

I love Story Book Land. I go to YouTube and watch Connie's video. Silly for a grown man, but there it is...

Thanks, Dave.


Katella Gate said...

I think this is the first clear photo I've seen of the early "low center post" version of Dumbo.

And I still admire how Disney used the same landscape to support two rides... Casey Jr and the Canal Boats. Very inspired track layout on both.

CoxPilot said...

Dave: These are great photos, and I haven't see this guidebook for a lot of years. JG is right; it was REALLY hot in tomorrowland. The trees had not yet matured, and there was very little coverings for shade (with the exception of the Hobby Center, which can be seen in the lower part of the first photo). We went through a lot of sun lotion and zink oxide, and still had burnt noses.

This must have been before my time, because the Flight Circle does not have the Cox identifying gold thimble on the center stand. Wen-Mac probably was the operator, and one of the few cross-over employees was Don Hatcher. He was our supervisor when I first started. (He is the guy standing in the photo doing some maintenance on a plane.)

Katella Gate: The Dumbo machinery and the Rocket Jet machinery were the same, except for the "lifting" of the Jets. (I remember running them during a Christmas party.) In those days, the ears flapped.

I can still hear the sounds of the day, down to even the slam of the aluminum trash can seen in the enlarged version.

Again: Great to see all those pics from days gone by, but I think it's MUCH better now. People would be bored stiff with it now.