Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mildred through the years, pt. 2

To the millions (?) of Daveland viewers that were scared of Mildred and bailed on my blog, here is proof positive that you had every reason to be fearful: the empty stroller.

I knew I liked her when I first saw her; this June 1969 image proves that we are kindred spirits; she has worked her mojo on the stroller and made the kid disappear; now if she could only make the stroller itself disappear, as it is the real source of evil, not the kid. One other thing I discovered about Mildred is that I believe she is the original inspiration for Dana Carvey’s Church Lady from Saturday Night Live; this photo says it all...“Well, isn’t that special?!?”

Although I missed the regular comments on my blog yesterday, Mildred doesn’t care. She doesn’t give a rat’s #$%^ what you’re doing because she’s got an ice cream cone and that’s all that she needs right now. Just take the darn picture and let her eat in peace.

You may not find her interesting, but the paparazzi did...she was the Britney Spears of her day. The poor woman couldn’t eat an ice cream cone in peace or even enjoy a simple beverage while strolling through Fantasyland. I have also included a close-up of the ticket sign, for all you semi-serious readers that are still with me.

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For Daveland Blog reader Mr. Mouse Monthly, here's a closeup of the Bekins sign:

What it says below is "Locker Service • Information."


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Mildred is kind of neat, I'm thinking she was done with being photographed by the end of that day!

As one of your very serious readers, THANKS for the closeup of the ticket prices, No "E" tickets in fantasyland!

Chris Merritt said...

Nice sign!

Major Pepperidge said...

Mildred rocks! She is awesome, I could look at these pictures of her all day. She's so stern looking, but inside she is a seething volcano of passion (!).

Those ice cream cone photos are great.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I think the ice cream cone IS the source of her "seething volcano of passion" she is mesmerizing in a very odd way.... Dave - she has got to be the original Church lady!

Unknown said...

I like the young lady idly leaning against the "bridge" in the ice cream shot.

Is that a flowerer skirt with a Disneyland t-shirt?

A sign of things to come!

And Dave, is that you wearing the bright yellow shirt with the hat, looking at Mildred?

Bearride - Raymond said...

Mildred looks like the lunch lady from my elementery school. I love that everyone else seems to be having a good time but poor Mildred. I think she might be constapated.

Bearride - Raymond said...

Ooo, Not constapated! She's got the curse!

Kyle said...

Hey all! These photos of Mildreds' day at Disneyland are just incredible. Her facial expressions just say it all. I can't get over how large her purse is! It's almost half as big as she is! Then again, I suppose she'd need a super-sized one to carry her bottle of laxative & can of VO5 around in (although she somehow strikes me as an Aqua Net user).
Looking at all of the other people around her is pretty cool, too. The fashions & hairstyles are definitely a glimpse back to the late 60's, not to mention the ticket prices.
Dave, these are all great pics and I love your descriptions of them. I check your blog pretty much on a daily basis & really have to give you kudos for a job well done. It really makes my day to visit Daveland & the other great blogs out there. Please keep it up!

Daveland said...

Thanks for all the great comments; George, although that man is not me, I am digging his outfit! Kyle - I could be wrong, but I don't believe Aquanet was around yet in the 60's.

CoxPilot said...

Actually Dave, Hairspray was first invented and marketed in 1955 by the hair products company Helene Curtis, based in Chicago, Illinois, under the trademark Spray Net. Lornamead now makes Aqua Net, and it was one of the early ones. So; Aqua Net could have been around then. I remember that we used to use Aqua Net as a fixative on airbrush artwork in the early days before REAL art fixative, and it still works good if your on a budget.

Daveland said...

Lee - many of my early "masterpieces" were also permanently (?) locked in place by the miracle of hairspray. VO5 is the one I knew of because that's what my mom lacquered her hair with every Friday...AFTER the beauty parlour put their first 24 coats on! Thanks for the info—always entertaining!

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

Hey Dave, great pics as usual! I was wondering if you could tell what the sign below 'Global Van Lines' in the second pic said? Thanks.