Saturday, January 12, 2008

Aerial views, Pt. 3 & more Knotts

Finishing up the aerial series today with 3 more views, beginning with this November 1962 Fantasyland shot. For the “big picture,” you can peruse this February 22, 1966 shot:

Here’s a detail view of the Pirates building under construction:

Last one for today hails from August 15, 1970:

This detail gives you a nice overview of the Motor Boat Cruise area...back when it was motoring:

More Knotts-Head stuff: following up to yesterday’s post, here’s an exterior shot of the Bird Cage Theater where yesterday’s performance of “Our American Cousin” was being performed. On a side note, that was the same play President Lincoln was watching at Ford’s Theater the night he was assassinated. And for all you conspiracy theorists, these two are John Chine & Viola Morrison, circa May 1958. I have also included a detail of the sign, which touts “Melodrama”!

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Chris Merritt said...

Cool Birdcage exterior! Looks like "RIverboat Revenge" is playing - how about a shot from the performances of "Satan's Sawmill"! I'd love to see how that one went...

"Riverboat Revenge" was brought back at least one more time - here is a gate flyer for it from April of 1981.

You can see George Stuart is still running the place (and giving young actors a start in the business), but Woody Wilson must have retired by then - I don't see his name anywhere there. I love the line "Patrons will kindly refrain from cracking peanuts during the performance."

Does anyone know when Stuart ended his involvement with the Bird Cage? It must have been soon after, when Terry Van Gorder began to pressure all the concessionaires to sell the concessions back to the Farm during the mid-80s...

Chris Merritt said...

Ooop - should have checked here first!

The Cage Page says "January 10 1991, the amusement park bought out the little acting company, thus bringing an end to the Bird Cage Players as an independent troupe. January 12 1997, The Bird Cage Theatre was closed, bringing down the curtain on 42 years of melodramas and honest theatre."

Yet, they still use it for shows during Halloween Haunt - do they still have vaudeville performances during the day there?

Unknown said...

Great aerials, Dave! As always, you're shots are exciting, intriguing and very cool!

I love the shot from 8/15/70.

CoxPilot said...

Fantastic view in the first shot. Must have been on a day when the park was closed, and not water in the lagoon around Chic-o-Sea ship. Was this part of a larger photo? You can see a couple of guys on the gang plank to the entrance of the ship.

Daveland said...

Cox - That is the entire photo that I have. Chris - since my last Knotts visit was 1980, will have to let the other blog lurkers comment on whether there are vaudeville shows there or not. George - as always, thanks for the nice comments!

Major Pepperidge said...

Dave, I have you beat...I haven't been to Knott's since 1976!!

Anonymous said...

Dave, could please give us a close up of the "Natures Wonderland" area from 8/15/70 aerial like you did with the motor boat close up. Keep up the great work.